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Texas ASCD
2015-2017 Strategic Plan


Goal 1.0     Influence and advocate for policies and practices that positively impact teaching, learning, and leadership.


Objective 1.1   Strengthen influence with policymakers at national, state and local levels on critical and timely educational issues.

Objective 1.2   Build capacity of Association members to influence classroom practices and increase involvement with stakeholders for influence.

Objective 1.3   Directors and members take an active role in influencing policies and practices through the lens of the Texas Whole Child Approach.


Success Measure 1.0  The Association uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, designated policies and practices that have a positive impact.



Goal 2.0    Connect, engage and challenge leaders through programs and services.


Objective 2.1  Offer innovative programs and services to meet identified needs and trends and build capacity.

Objective 2.2  Provide professional learning in various formats through the use of conferences, academies, webinars, institutes and various technological mediums.


Success Measure 2.0  The Association uses metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services.



Goal 3.0     Clearly define the member and non-member segments in order to strengthen the value of Texas ASCD in building community.

Objective 3.1  Target the underrepresented geographic and demographic areas of Texas for focused attention by the Association.

Objective 3.2  Use online resources and virtual formats to recruit and retain members.


Success Measure 3.0  The Association reflects the diversity and demographics of the targeted areas for building community.


Goal 4.0    Transform association leadership to be fully engaged and empowered to create the association’s future as a network of high performing school leaders.

Objective 4.1  Establish plan to transform Texas ASCD into an “Association as Network” for high performance.

Objective 4.2  Participate in growth opportunities to enable break through thinking and collaboration for innovative solutions.

Objective 4.3   Establish procedures to measure efforts to be an exceptional Board representing an exceptional Association that is progressive and future oriented.

Success Measure 4.0

The Association will develop and model a profile of the transformational instructional leader who will assist in creating and growing the Texas ASCD network.



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