Pyramid For Learning

The Pyramid for Learning is a Texas ASCD representation of the design of the quality professional learning opportunities available for educators. The three sides of the Pyramid represent the format, the depth of the learning, and the breadth of the opportunity designated by the learners. The graphic illustrates that the format for learning can be:

  • An annual conference with its many topics, graduating from the awareness level to the full implementation level,
  • A regional conference with specific topics and more time for learning,
  • An institute that engulfs one day on a specified topic,
  • An academy which may have only one focus and in-depth learning in a multiple-day session, and
  • A self-paced/guided learning opportunity over a period of time with designated resources, both human and material, provided by Texas ASCD.

The Pyramid for Learning provides entry-level points to educators depending on their learning needs and the level of depth and breadth of the learning that the educators identify for themselves.


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