Texas ASCD believes that the essence of The Whole Child Initiative is in the relationships/partnerships that are formed on behalf of all students. Texas ASCD proposes to strengthen education in Texas by explicitly linking educational reform infrastructure to the ASCD Whole Child initiative. The outcome will be a collaborative and mutual Whole Child education policy agenda for Texas. This activity will engage and influence current Texas ASCD partners as well as other educational leadership organizations and political leaders in Texas to consider how a Whole Child approach to education in Texas will enable Texas students to achieve better education outcomes statewide.

Texas Whole ChildIn order to accomplish this, Texas ASCD will reach out to a broad range of education organizations in Texas to provide information on the work of Texas ASCD and the Whole Child initiative. All local chapters of ASCD whole child partners, as well as other Texas based education organizations, are invited to participate. This group will be convened and presented with the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Identify and analyze interrelationships among the tenets of the Whole Child and education reform efforts.
  • Develop a needs assessment and gap anaysis of policies and programs by aligning the tenets of the Whole Child within the Texas education reform agenda.
  • Convene community conversations to identify support and barriers to the Whole Child Initiative that will inform a collaborative local influence agenda.
  • Publish and disseminate a policy instructional manual and professional development training on state and local actions to facilitate incorporation of a Whole Child approach to education in Texas.

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As our 5 million Texas students progress, so progresses our state. With this in mind…


  • Do you agree that our children’s futures hold the key to the future of Texas?
  •  Can their personal success in the 21st century be based solely on academic knowledge reflected on state test scores?
  •  Do you agree that a child deserves a whole education?

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Please note - there is no cost involved to participate. Your organization will be recognized in our publicity materials.


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