E-mailed directly to your desk every Monday morning, One Liner is an electronic summary of all TEA publications.

  • It makes all information from TEA explicit
  • It reminds you of when and how to respond to TEA requests and actions
  • It suggests proper channeling of information
  • It recommends a system to organize all TEA correspondence
  • It provides links to TEA web sites and documents mentioned.

Leaders of Learners is a great learning tool for interdisciplinary teams, members of site-based teams, and all people concerned with curriculum issues. It is published six times a year and brings to light the most current developments in the world of education. This award winning publication is packed with information concerning:

  • The most current developments in education
  • Curriculum insight
  • Guest articles from locally, nationally, and internationally renowned authors
  • Brain research & discipline development strategies
  • Children's learning techniques

Click here for information on how to submit your article for publication.

Texas ASCD Leadership is the business newsletter of Texas ASCD. It brings members up to date on association business, committee action, current education trends and contains opportunities for member involvement.



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